We use standard Royal Mail shipping to ensure your items arrive to you. **Shipping** We use standard Royal Mail shipping to ensure your items arrive to you. UK delivery should take between 3-7 days, and worldwide orders should arrive withing 7 days, however during busy periods this can take up to 3 weeks. My apologies if your order becomes delayed. Sadly once shipped items are in the hands of the courier. You may request proof of postage if desired.
Our shipping prices are calculated by weight, meaning that there is no set price per item. Our standard price for one item is £2, though if you are purchasing small items it is likely that you can purchase two within this price boundry. Please email if you have any further queries.
As this is a personally run and very small business, I am not able to offer free returns, however, if the postage is paid, I am happy to offer refunds for the item price. I am aware that this is not ideal but it is all I am able to offer at this time. However, you may contact me anyway if you wish to enquire about returns as I want my customers to be happy and am therefore committed to sorting out any issues you may have. :)
Your product can be refunded if: 1) You ordered the wrong product before the item is shipped 2) You changed your mind on the order before shipping. 3) The item was broken when it arrived (I check each item so this should not happen). However, if you yourself break the item by being too forceful, I unfortunately cannot offer refunds to you. Please be understanding.